Career Enlisted Aviator (CEA) Accommodation Evaluation by AFSC/Airframe

Isiah Davenport news

Fairborn, OH

A recent Air Force Guidance Memorandum established that all program managers must work with their lead commands to use the central 95% of the U.S. recruiting population body size when defining design specifications for aircrew flight equipment and new aircrew or operator station designs.

A joint effort by the Airmen Accomodation Lab (STI-TEC, Dayton Ohio), AFMC/WNU WPAFB, and the Total Force Aircrew Management (DAF/A3) Pentagon set upon a study to determine minimum and maximum body sizes that can safely perform the aircrew mission requirements, wearing flight gear, for each Career Enlisted Aviator (CEA) position as well as rated crew stations. The study was planned for three years but was accomplished within 18 months with 20 aircraft visited and evaluated.

Based on the support from STI-TEC teammates within the Airmen Accommodation Lab, the CEA study is changing the Force, bringing on a new era, making history and allowing the Air Force to safely and sufficiently provide the manpower for future mission needs.

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