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Dayton, OH – The 479 STUS at Pensacola, FL reached out to Ms. Jennifer Whitestone (AFLCMC/EZFC) and the STI-TEC Anthropometric Accommodation Laboratory (AAL) Team, with a problem—the Combat System Officer were being eliminated based upon a pilot standard. Within 30 days of being contacted, the AAL figured out a low-cost plan to implement a T-6 evaluation. As a result, the team was able to complete an evaluation of 24 test participants in both the front and back seat of the T-6, within a week.
The AAL mission is to measure and represent USAF body size, postures, reach performance, and other relevant population anthropometric data as it relates to fit, function, and safety to improve protection for the Warfighter. In particular, the USAF now regards female fitment as a priority because of the physiological differences in women versus men and incorporates female anthropometric range measurements to the maximum extent possible . The AAL is unique in that the government sponsored laboratory is located at the Dayton, STI-TEC offices.
The AAL team is currently involved in Digital Human Modeling, cockpit accommodation envelopes for all Air Force airframes, personal equipment compatibility (including Next-Generation Fighter Wing Helmets, AVOX Mask, uniform fit and function), head-neck ejection assessments, mass properties studies, and whole body scanning.


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